Monday, May 5, 2008

Whisper Sweet Nothings

So I forgot to mention in my family update last week that I have been sick. Some nasty bug that has been going around hit me pretty hard with fever, chills, body ache. (Hey, haven't I seen a commercial about that?) Anyway, the tail end of it hit me in the ears – with an ear infection in one ear that migrated to the other and then finally ruptured my eardrum. I'll spare you the details – pretty gross. Let's just say, you won't rupture an infected eardrum and not know it! Until it heals, I can't hear as well as normal, so now one of my favorite things to say is “What?” which El Guapo just loves. That is a frequent exchange between us anyway because he is soft-spoken (read: doesn't E-NUN-SEE-ATE!), so I am always asking “What?” and he rolls his eyes and says “Forget it.” On top of it, now certain frequencies of sound really bother me – like most of the sounds the two little ones make! Their screeches, squawks and shouting are like ice picks in my ears, but then my Bear said the sweetest thing I think anybody has ever said (get the Kleenex ready . . .) and made the whole world right again.

“Mommy, I don't want to watch Barney. I HATE Barney.”

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