Monday, May 19, 2008

Five Down, a Lifetime More to Go

Happy Anniversary to us! Saturday was our anniversary -- whew, we've made it another year! Five years already and it only feels like five minutes . . . . . underwater. (Just kidding! And credit where credit is due -- I stole that from my sister-in-law's dad!) Actually, we both feel like this is going to be our best year yet. We have plans and dreams and most importantly, each other. And that's enough of that -- I don't do mushy too well.

I'll just sign off with this little observation I wrote on 17 May 2003 after our outdoor ceremony was everything I hoped it would be. The day seemed like God's stamp of approval after a long road that wasn't very straight or smooth. “ . . . an azure dome spread out above us with trees as columns holding it up, their branches stretching like arms to the heavens; the sighing winds and rustling leaves praising God more sweetly than any chorus.”

I am no poet, but I am thankful.

Oh, and Big Brown won the Preakness! Woo-hoo.


TropicGirl said...

If I'm ever lucky enough to find the one, I'm going to model my wedding after yours. It was beautiful, meaningful, and exactly what a wedding should be. A beautiful celebration of love. Thanks for sharing, and congrats! Love you you and El Guapo and the 3 B's.

TropicGirl said...

Just read this again and laughed and loved ya all over again!