Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's Dance!

Quiz Time : What do these titles have in common?

Chant by the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos
Exactly what it sounds like except instead of being as cool as you think it will be, it's more creepy. Like the soundtrack to a haunted castle.

Big Band Music of the War Years
The soundtrack for my life if I would have been born a few decades earlier.

Deep Forest by Deep Forest
C'mon you've got to remember this techno classic where somebody got the brilliant idea to combine traditional African Bushman chants with classic early 90's techno beats.

Diana Princess of Wales: The BBC recording of the funeral service
Yup. There is a CD of Princess Diana's funeral. And I have listened to it. More than once. And sung along.

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Awesome for a kick butt workout routine!

Ray of Light by Madonna
Actually a good album despite the fact that I am not a big fan of people with fake British accents.

Legend by Bob Marley & The Wailers
Totally reminds me of living in the Caribbean and is great for chillin' in the backyard while the grill is going.

Big Calm by Morcheeba
Also reminds me of Cayman because I first heard these guys at a little beachfront restaurant called the Blue Parrot with my friend G. Totally mellow.

S&M by Metallica
Metallica teams up with the San Francisco Symphony. No, seriously . . .

77 by The Seventy-sevens
An alternative Christian band that we thought was all crazy and rebellious because they had a song called "Naked" about being bare before God. When Jesus freaks go bad. . . .

These are all CDs in my schizophrenic collection. (I also have more "normal" titles.) With the advent of MP3 players, or in my case, the hot new technology of AM talk radio, I bet there are a lot of folks out there who haven't tucked into that old CD stash for a long time. I would also venture to guess, knowing who many of you are, there are some pretty crazy titles in those dusty collections of yours. (ARF, you probably have a cassette of One Bad Pig or remember The Violet Burning? And KMC, do you have any Stryper left hanging around? Yellow & Black Attack!) Well, dig them out, pop them in and crank up the volume! I want my own kids to think of me every time they hear U2 or Casting Crowns since to this day, I can't hear Peter, Paul & Mary or the Beatles without thinking of my dad or Jim Croce, James Taylor or Cat Stevens without thinking of my mom.

So in the spirit of some good old fashioned nostalgia (which is probably a really redundant phrase!) and in the interest of just getting the blood pumping a little more than usual, we popped in The Beatles One album (27 #1 songs) on Monday night and boogied! In a universal phenomenon among people three feet tall who are not self-conscious, we were grooving to the music and throwing our hands in the air like we just didn't care. Bug especially went totally nuts and would slam into the back of our couch so hard that the rebound would send him flying off the couch and onto the floor. We were just dying of laughter. It was the ZamFam Tumbling Troupe, Beatles mosh pit all in one.

Now I'm trying to decide which old CD to try next. U2 is always a safe bet with me. Though I probably won't be slipping in the Princess Diana funeral CD. . . .


TropicGirl said...

First, I LOVE this idea. I can see ya'll there bouncing off the couch and the floor and having your own dance party. There are days I want to live at your house. Today is one of those days.

Second, the music always freaks me out, but thanks for changing it to something gentler. The other music was always a shock!

Biblioteca Chica said...

You're welcome to come stay anytime!