Monday, February 1, 2010


For Labor Day, we headed north to a resort town and lake for the day. We hadn't planned on the day being so nice or the kids wanting to "swim," so at the end of the day, we let them head into the water in their clothes. Of course, the original idea was for them to just wade. "Don't get too wet . . ." Right.

Doesn't Bug's face say, "What's the big deal, mom? It's just water." I ended up agreeing!

Our town has Touch-A-Truck day with dozens of big trucks, construction equipment, firetrucks, school buses, Red Cross vehicles, you name it. If it's big, impressive, on wheels, it's there and the kids (and parents!) can climb all over them.

Every little guy's dream!
The girls loved it too!

Firefighter . . .

Big rig driver. . .

Paramedics. . .

SWAT team member . . .

And a good time was had by all!

At the end of September is the largest World War II re-enactment in North America. It is held about an hour away from our house and it is one the highlights of my year! This year's weather was gorgeous and we had an awesome time (ok, I had an awesome time).


Every where you look are vignettes that look like the 1940s.

A jeep, a gun and the girls! (and if you look closely, you will see that I wore a skirt . Wonders never cease,)
A soldier and his dog.

Bug had a great time!

There are dozens of large military vehicles in working order -- pretty impressive.

Chica in a WWII front lines foxhole. I want one as a fort in my back yard!

Bear ready for battle.

The ZamFam comin' attcha!

The day ends with a large-scale re-enactment of a real battle or engagement complete with Hollywood-style pyrotechnics. It is incredibly loud with the explosions pounding off your chest -- exhilarating! El Guapo took these pics from the back with Bug. The girls and I were sitting right along the string-line -- front row seats.

Throughout the day are other minor skirmishes. This one took place in a German-occupied French village, but the Allies prevailed. (To preserve the realism, they don't always.) This is a Scottish force complete with our bagpiper and a guy in ghillie.
Hands up, Krauts! Check out the guy in the tam o'shanter and kilt!

This guy was trying to escape and the Scots had to subdue him. They really hammed it up and audience was roaring.

Our final outing in September involved an informal tour led by my aunt to several organic/cottage industry farms in a nearby county. This was dream-fodder for me, since I would love to have a small farm with some animals. I think Bug shares the dream. We called him the Goat Whisperer because the goats in this pen followed him everywhere! He'll always have the career option of goatherd!
If you are interested in seeing pictures of our 2008 trip to WWII days, I have placed them chronologically in 2008, but they are newly posted (today!), so check them out here.

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