Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a blessed Easter: a moving Easter service, a wonderful meal at my parents' house with family and glorious weather for a little egg hunt.

Bear, Bug and Bean in their Easter finery. . .

Bug loves Cousin M . . .well, after he got over his great surprise at seeing her at OUR church. She met us during the service and when she showed up with me after church to pick him up from his class, he was so surprised that he whimpered and hollered and wouldn't go anywhere near her until we got to my mom's house. What a goof!

Egg hunt!

And yes, I do coordinate the girls' dresses. I never get identical dresses, but ever since Bear was born, I have gotten them Easter dresses that match. This year, El Guapo's boss Lady J gave us Bear's dress and I just adore the colors. (Anyone who knows me in the real world knows I LOVE brown.) So I was just thrilled to find Bean's dress in the identical colors (and on sale).

There must be some eggs around here somewhere!

"Getting dressed up stinks. Just give me my Lightning McQueen shirt and I'll be happy!"


TropicGirl said...

Hey!!! Thanks for posting the pictures. It's so nice to see your little munchkins!! And nice to see Sis/Cousin M too!

Seriously, is Bean standing on stilts? She's SO TALL!!! I've been away too long!

Love you all!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to be named on your blog. I have been reading since the beginning and love it. The kids look absolutely gorrrrrrrrrgoeous!!!!!
Lady J

Biblioteca Chica said...

Lady J-

And they looked especially cute thanks, in part, to you!

FYI, "Lady Jaye" was my favorite GI Joe character when I was a kid, so you have been dubbed a name I hold in VERY high esteem ;p


Anonymous said...

You're kids are so cute! I love the brown and pink combo on the girls.

Anonymous said...

I meant "your," not "you're" - Sorry! This day has been too long!