Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wordle ?!

This is a "wordle" made from this blog's text. A wordle is something for people who are total nerds and either love words, Internet, technology or themselves too much. But it was fun. (Thanks Andrea for putting this on your blog so I could steal it!)

A couple of things I noticed: I say "like" and "really" way too much, but I like that "can," "think" and "read" show up well. At the bottom right it is weird that "dead friends now" is strung together -- yuck. But "one pulled summer" and "friends choose right dog" are funny to me. Sorry for nothing deep or interesting. I am finishing my last day of summer semester tomorrow and then I am free!!


deskset said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I'll definitely be reading your book reviews.

TropicGirl said...

Ha ha! You haven't updated your blog for awhile either. I'm just getting back at it and looking forward to the time when you have time to write as well. People say the summer is when you have the most time. For me, it's the time when I want to write LEAST!!
Love you! Mwah!